Its still the “Sunny side of life”.

Posted on October 26, 2011


1- Maldives.” The sunny side of life”. i bet the most appropriate slogan for Maldives after Island nation. Meaningful and bold. Happy, fun or the bright side of life. and that is very true. Any how its almost final and Maldives will be re-branded to “Always Natural” from 1st January 2012.

2- Is this the best way to choose? No. I think this should go for a public voting through SMS or using some website. I don’t think most of the people will like this slogan. its too much connected to Natural healing or herbal medicine.











3- The LOGO. look like a Environmental logo. No sun, no coconut trees and no beach. A very common logo concept. So many look a likes. This logo is more appropriate for this slogan “Save the protected animals.”

I know how they got the deal. Even on the news they have mentioned that our president is so keen on protecting the environment, so they managed to collage silhouette’s of all the protected animals from sea and land in the Maldives.


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