‘Never Trust America’

Posted on September 18, 2011


Iran’s Top Leader Warns Arab Nations: ‘Never Trust America’

Let’s forget he is Ayatollah Khameni, let’s forget his Islamist Agenda, let’s forget all of the rest and look at his advise and his statement, “Not to trust America and the Nato countries”­, holds good for all countries in the world.

“Hold suspicion of them and don’t believe their smiles. Behind those smiles and promises lie conspiracy and treason.” – Absolutely right ! As proven time and again, no nation on Earth can trust America and her allies, with their hidden agendas and their Greed for others assets and wealth. America and her Allies today are no better than Genghis Khan and his hordes, the Vikings, Barbarians who swept through the world, stealing and pillaging. All nations beware. Allowing America in, is like allowing the black plague in. Nothing good will come of it.

Dear AMERICA, please let them, their people, create their government just as the Americans did their own. I feel that a lot of people think that just because someone, or a group, is Islamic that they must be terrorist regime. Obviously this is not true. However, if they make a successful Islamic government­al society, it should allow people the right to enter and exit peacefully­. Also, if they do attack someone, or someone else attacks them as a nation, they should be prepared to fight back (at which point in time, it could not be a religious war because they are a nation. My example is Israel. There are wars against Israel, a nation, not a war against the Jewish faith in Israel.). Hope what I said makes some sense.
To be honest the khamenei has some truths! AMERICA, ENGLAND, FRANCE AND ITALY have always been involved with invading other countries.

SOVIET yesterday. USA tomorrow.

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