PPM logos for Inspiration.

Posted on September 11, 2011


After the registration of the new political party by former president mr.golhabo, i mean maumoon, i can see the big picture and the future and started the thought that we cant get rid of this Bakamoon. Any way the new party…………


– private property of maumoon

– peoples papa maumoon

– Parteys Party of Maldives

– Pim Pom Maldives

– Peoples Pinhole of Maldives

– Parteys Pilot of Maldives

– Porky Pigs of Maldives (most appropriate) or what ever…….

Recently they have announced and opened for submitting a logo and a color for there new golhaparty and i know there will be lots of guys trying to get some hugs and kisses from papa maumoon. So take some time and get some inspiration from my PPM logo collection.

















































































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