Pamela Anderson’s ‘Playboy’ Charity Donation Denounced By Indonesia.

Posted on November 2, 2010


Actress Pamela Anderson has frequently grabbed media attention for her charity work, usually promoting the animal rights group PETA.

This time, the buxom actress is making the headlines for her latest charity contribution — one that’s caused controversy in Indonesia.

According to the New York Post, Anderson posed naked for the January issue of “Playboy” and gave the $25,000 payment to disaster relief organization Waves 4 Water to help Indonesian disaster victims.

The nonprofit organization brings water filters to communities struggling to recover from natural disasters.

Anderson told,

“I’ve also donated personally. I wish I could do more. Indonesia, Haiti and Pakistan are all in need of these filters. Spread the word!”

However, in the predominately Muslim nation of Indonesia, Anderson’s naked photos have caused a stir as an indecent way to raise charity dollars. A hardline conservative Muslim group known as the Islamic Defenders Front has publicly denounced Anderson’s donation.

The New York Post reports,

But the Islamic Defenders Front on Monday told Indonesia’s Metro TV that the donation to the charity — which works to bring clean drinking water to disaster hit zones — would be “against the law of God” because it was obtained through “immoral acts.”

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