MEN are more brainy than women

Posted on May 9, 2010


Sorry, men ARE more brainy than women (and more stupid too!) It’s a simple scientific fact, says one of Britain’s top dons. Haha Rehendi Hilathoo what do you say abt diss????

Baroness Susan Greenfield is one of Britain’s best-known female scientists; she’s a professor of neurophysiology at the University of Oxford, a former director of the Royal Institution and an accomplished writer and broadcaster on scientific matters.

So when she very publicly bemoans the lack of women reaching the higher echelons of the scientific establishment, people tend to sit up and take notice.

In a newspaper article last month, she expressed her concern that only ten per cent of science professors in this country are women.

Her comments struck a chord, attracting a host of comments agreeing that women scientists were generally getting a raw deal.

This raises an important and controversial question. Is there really a glass ceiling holding back the careers of talented female scientists? Have decades of anti-sexual discrimination legislation really counted for nothing in the laboratories of Britain?

Or might there be another explanation for why we find such a marked shortage of women, not just in the highest levels of science but in big business, the professions, and politics, too?

It is my contention – based on a lifetime of academic research – that there is an explanation and I advance it all too aware of the howls of feminist outrage I am about to unleash.

So, here goes: one of the main reasons why there are not more female science professors or chief executives or Cabinet ministers is that, on average, men are more intelligent than women.

Nor do the shocks to the noisy advocates of equal opportunities stop there, I’m afraid.

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