AKON is a pedophile.

Posted on April 6, 2010


Akon is no stranger to trouble, he served a three-year jail sentence for grand theft auto.

Akon, a self confessed Muslim only to practices polygamy and has 3 wives (read article), shocked an audience and a 14-year-old girl in Trinidad, when Akon brought the girl onstage and dry humped her while also pushing her around the stage. Richard Gere’s forced kiss in India is G rated compared to Akon’s obscenity.

“If this girl was a virgin, she pretty much lost it at that point.”

Akon told the audience that he was holding a “contest” with the winner getting a trip to Africa. He said that although they had held the contest in London, and Atlanta, that Trinidad’s contest would be his favorite. Akon managed to get seven girls onstage, and to compete they had to dance like whores. The winner had to compete with Akon, and one got molested by him.

Adding insult to the injury, Akon announced the contest was a fake.

It doesn’t matter if Akon knew this girl’s age or not. The fact is he acted badly, and even if the women consented to being treated like sex objects, they should be as ashamed as Akon. In the United States the girl doesn’t have to give consent, she only has to be under 18 years-old for Akon to go to jail.

Some may wonder why the Imus issue is thrown into this article. The fact is, in America many black leaders have been promoting racial double standards, and attacks on whites who use language common in many black communities. Little attention is being given to people like Akon who are considered a role model to by many young blacks. Not all blacks agree with the leaders of their community, or with how AKon or this girl acted, and this article is not directed at them.

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