U.S. Soldier Kills Two Army Buddies.

Posted on December 4, 2009


No connection with terrorism cos he is not a Muslim.

It’s gotten remarkably little coverage so far — perhaps because there’s no “terrorist” angle — but we’re now catching up with case of an Iraq war vet now captured and suspected of killing two of his fellow servicemen, age 20 and 23, near the army base at Fort Drum, N.Y., where they all served.

Spc. Joshua Hunter, a military cop, fled to Ohio and has now bring brought back to New York. It’s not known what sparked the murders but he had returned from 15 months in Iraq. The two victims served with him there and his wife says he considered them his “best friends.”

Tonight AP talked to his wife, who said he had seen a good friend die at close range in Iraq, and held the victim in his arms afterward. He was totally changed when he got home, flying into rages, “abusive,” sleepless, “edgy.” His father and mother tell much the same story.

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