44 year old Man Married 4 young Women Simultaneously

Posted on November 4, 2009


A South African man has married four women at the same time. His name is Milton Mhbele, he is 44 and he is a municipal manager in Indaka. South African laws recognize polygamous marriages which in fact are common over there, but simultaneous weddings are rare.

He has already been married to Thobile Vilakazi for 12 years and has 11 children. On September 26, he married Thobile a second time and also married three new wives: Happiness Mdlolo (24), Zanele Langa (24) and Smangele Cele (23). The women all wore white dresses and each of them received a ring and a kiss from the groom.

Apparently, the wives will live separately, with their husband rotating between them.
He said he saved money for combining the ceremonies and he added: very excited about this.

Sometimes, its really hard to understand other cultures!

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Original: www.telegraph.co.uk

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