Pure Democracy is Evil

Posted on January 1, 2009


democracyWhy do Americans think democracy is divine? You cannot even hear a speech by the President, his Supreme Court nominees, or hardly any one in his cabinet without them going on and on about spreading democracy throughout the world, particularly in the nations they have invaded.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Has said at least a gazillion times that we are a ‘democracy’ and he wants to spread ‘democracy’ all over the world.

The United States of America is not and should not be a democracy. There forefathers bequeathed them a constitutional republic. They greatly feared the tyrannical tendencies of what they called “mob-acracy”. Thomas Jefferson stated, “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.” There forefathers were familiar with the lawless democracy that led France to a senseless revolution where mobs of people took turns lynching their employers and their leaders, including the last fellow who led them on guillotine parade. In a democracy, the majority can abuse the minority, the poor can rob from the rich, the white can persecute the black, and the born can terrorize the unborn, because they can “out-vote” them.

In a democracy, popular leaders can usurp their God-ordained limits, violate their oaths, deprive their lesser subjects of life or liberty or property without due process, and hand out tax-subsidies to citizens in exchange for ever-increasing power. Might doesn’t make right. A vote doesn’t determine right from wrong. What is the basis of right and wrong? God is the arbiter of right and wrong, and He has given us His revelation in the Holy Quran.

A democratic vote is fine as long as they vote for what is right, but when the democratic consensus prefers to violate God’s will, they have voted for something that is unlawful and something that will ultimately bring God’s wrath upon them.
THOMAS JEFFERSON: He said, correctly, that ‘democracy’ was ‘nothing more than mob rule.’

Do you know why America originally invaded Iraq? Why, because they had weapons of mass destruction in violation of several UN mandates, of course. They at last invaded to enforce UN resolutions. (One can only wonder how they can justify invading Iraq to enforce UN resolutions when the UN resolved that they shouldn’t invade.) Since no weapons of mass destruction have been discovered, President Bush has abandoned the WMD excuse. Then, it was declared that Americans were invading Iraq primarily to liberate them from their cruel dictator: we were there to set them free from tyranny! Remember the rape houses, the thousands of Kurds killed at Saddam’s hands?

That justification has been abandoned of late because more Iraqis have died as a direct or indirect result of American invasion than Saddam Hussein ever killed in his long rule (even if you just count the collateral damage of our bombing campaigns.) A study published by the Lancet medical journal says the risk of violence for civilians in Iraq is now 58 times higher than before the U.S. invasion. Unofficial estimates of civilian deaths varied from 10,000 to over 37,000, both from collateral damage from our extensive bombing campaigns, and from the insurgency we have indirectly created by our pre-emptive invasion. (See , , or one of several other cites for various estimates of “collateral damage.”)

Now, according to President Bush, the primary reason they remain in Iraq is to establish a democracy.

The rule by men is an invention of hell, not heaven.

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